We believe in empowering our scholars through financial support, fostering their growth and global awareness to positively impact global farming practices.


Students Travelling

At the heart of our foundation is a vision for the future; a future where young minds travel, learn, and help grow the world’s farming communities. This vision was set into motion in 2009, when our Trust was established by Mr John Cameron, Chairman of Governors at Dollar Academy, and his wife Margaret. Their shared passion for education, travel, and agriculture paved the way for the formation of The Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust.

Understanding that real-world exposure and practical experience form the bedrock of a comprehensive education, The Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust was born out of a desire to offer Scottish agricultural students and Dollar Academy pupils unparalleled learning opportunities. We provide financial support, empowering our scholars to travel, learn, and immerse themselves in global agricultural practices, as well as engage in voluntary work.

Our founders, Mr and Mrs Cameron, hold a deep-seated passion for education and global agricultural development. They recognise that the success of our Trust means not just the fulfilment of personal dreams, but also the chance to contribute to global farming communities. Their ambition, drive, and dedication to helping young people continue to guide our operations, fuel our efforts, and inspire our scholars.

Our ultimate aim is to foster personal growth, global awareness, and professional development among our scholars. We strive to ignite the same passion for agricultural learning in our students, as we believe in their potential to influence and advance global farming practices.


Enriching Personal Journeys

At the heart of our Trust is the commitment to support Dollar Academy students on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. We passionately believe that travel expands perspectives, encourages adaptability, and fosters maturity. Our scholarships provide the much-needed financial assistance, empowering these students to broaden their horizons. By embarking on international adventures, our scholars gain invaluable life experiences and a global awareness that will serve them well in any path they choose in life. In essence, we are not just funding travel – we are investing in their future.

Dollar Academy Students
Agriculture Student Travel Grant

Fostering Global Agricultural Development

Parallel to personal development, we hold a profound respect for the farming communities worldwide and the valuable role they play in our collective future. We acknowledge the need for innovation and sustainability in this sector, which is why we have a dedicated focus on aiding agricultural students. Our aim is to facilitate their travels to farming communities across the globe, engaging them in a hands-on learning experience. By working directly on international agricultural projects, they acquire new knowledge, skills, and insights that can be brought back home. This not only enriches their education but also equips them with practical solutions that could positively impact local farming practices. It is our hope that through these experiences, we can contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural future.