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We believe in fostering personal growth through global exploration and nurturing agricultural advancements worldwide.

Founded in 2009 by Dollar Academy’s Chairman of Governors, Mr John Cameron, and his wife Margaret, The Cameron Travel Scholarship Trust empowers Scottish agricultural students and Dollar Academy pupils to broaden their horizons.

Through providing financial support, we enable them to experience global agricultural practices and undertake voluntary work.

Our aim is to foster personal growth, global awareness, and professional development among our scholars.

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SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs 2022 Study Tour

SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs 2022 Study Tour

Report from the SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs Study Tour visiting Chile from 19th November - 4th December 2022Introduction One of the biggest challenges that is facing young people farming in Scotland, and indeed the Scottish farming industry as a whole, is how the...

Arkansas Study Tour 2023

Arkansas Study Tour 2023

ARKANSAS STUDY TOUR JULY 2023Karen Shepherd, Hazel Turner, Jennifer Mitchell, Jenny Leech, Myles Canning, Sophie Cameron, Pippa Shell, Holly Rodges, Sam Shearlaw,& Rhona Campbell-CrawfordINTRODUCTION A group of ten students and two lecturers have spent the month...



Who can apply?

The Cameron Travel Trust aims to help to distinct groups of students. Agricultural Students who are involved in farming in Scotland and is classed as a “young farmer” being under the age of 30, and current students of Dollar Academy or a former students who were at the school for at least four years and is under the age of 25.

Can I apply to the Trust more than once?

No. The Trust will only support one application per person

Can I travel on my own or do I need to be part of an organised group?

You can travel on your own but you will need to demonstrate that you have thoroughly researched what you plan to do and that you have a support network that you can call on if things go wrong while you are away.

Do I need to contribute to the trip or will the Trust pay for everything?

The Trustees will expect you to make a contribution, the amount of which will depend on your personal circumstances.

How much will the Trust pay?

That depends on how long you are going for and how much the trip is costing. Trustees are very supportive of longer trips.

What is the minimum amount of time that I need to go for?

The Trustees believe that the longer the trip, the more that you will benefit. This, however, does not rule out shorter trips if you can demonstrate that the trip will be a beneficial and rewarding experience. This is not a holiday that can be fitted in for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays as that will not give the immersive and rewarding experience that we are expecting. For students of Dollar Academy, The Trustees require you to have at least 5 weeks of active involvement in the activity.

What types of applications have been successful in the past?

Previous successful applications for agricultural students in the past have included – Group trips with the SAYFC to Argentina, California and Chile; trips to Europe with the Scottish College of Agriculture; individual trips to Agricultural conferences in USA and Australia ; work experience in Australia and New Zealand; study trip to Zimbabwe. The Trust has also helped over 100 Dollar pupils to date with almost 45 different countries visited. Previous successful applications in the past have included – A year in Ghana assisting in a remote hospital ; 7 weeks in Ecuador helping at a school for underprivileged children ; 5 weeks in Nepal helping disabled children.

Do I need to submit a report to Trustees when I return?

Yes. Part of your grant will depend upon Trustees receiving a written report on your experiences.

How do I submit my application?

Online through this website

What happens after I submit my application?

Your application will be reviewed and if there is nothing in the application which disqualifies it, then you will be invited for an interview with the Trustees. Thereafter you will be notified of the level of support granted. Payment of the grant will be in two parts. The first payment will be made when evidence is produced that the trip is going ahead – flight tickets/ confirmation of a place on the group trip/ accommodation booking etc. The balance payable when Trustees have received your written report.